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Sisterhood | Angela Lang Oakland Bay Area Family Photographer
October 11, 2018
Introducing Reese! | Angela Lang Oakland Newborn Photographer
October 11, 2018
Boyhood | Angela Lang Moraga Family Photographer
October 11, 2018
Introducing Ocean! | Angela Lang Oakland Newborn Photographer
October 10, 2018
Beautiful family | Angela Lang Danville Photographer
October 10, 2018

My Story

The first spark of interest in photography started, oddly enough, with flamingos. When I was seventeen years-old I watched a PBS special which showed a photographer filming hundreds of these exotic birds from a helicopter as they flew away. It was captivating, and I remember thinking that being a photographer was the best job on the planet.

I began taking photos of my younger siblings the following year after finding my dad’s classic Yaschica FX-1 film camera. I have always been artistically inclined, particularly with painting on canvas, but felt limited in that my ability to paint was from an image or scene created by someone else. With photography all the inspiration came from within and with that discovery I had a newfound thrill of authoring my own creations. My story would be incomplete without mentioning that my dad, an artist and business owner, was an inspiration for my wanting to own my own business and to have a creative and expressive outlet.

Deciding to major in Communications with an emphasis on Photojournalism was a no-brainer. My first photography class was as a Junior at San Francisco State University where my journey into professional photography began. A few weeks into the class the professor pulled me aside and said I was a natural. That was all the validation I needed to continue. After graduating I became a newspaper photojournalist. The second validation came from the photo editor who commented that I had a gift for photographing children. When my first child was born I decided to leave the newspaper to open my own photo studio and have never looked back! 

From the beginning of my career I specialized in photographing children and families as well as photographing over 200 weddings. Retiring from weddings left a gap needing to be filled so I dove head-on into capturing newborns and immediatey fell in love with those dreamy little angels and their adoring parents. Around this time I discovered that I also enjoyed the precision required to photograph professional headshots for children and adults. 

The first decade I was primarily a black and white film photographer. This provided an excellent foundation for what I call "shooting with intention," by seeing and composing images in my mind before pressing the shutter. After switching to digital many years ago I became passionate about color and the freedom and creativity that comes with shooting without the constraints of film.

My signature style is candid and aesthetic moments captured with simplicity of content. My experience with black & white, vibrant colors, contrast, and texture can be seen throughout my portfolio.

Integrity has always been important to me so I try to be kind, honest, and ethical in everything I do. Through passion and dedication I have built my business from the ground up. It has provided me with the unique opportunity to explore new areas of my craft, to grow as a person, as well as a platform to work with hundreds of wonderful clients who appreciate my fun, modern, and timeless style of photography. I love my job and clients can feel it!

Fun • Modern • Timeless